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Viral script generates Unstoppable Free Traffic
from Twitter to your website/blog on autopilot !!!

No traffic = No sales = $0.00/month

Dear friends,
Is your blog almost dead because of lack of real visitors?
Is your website getting only 2 to 10 visitors a day?
Are you feeling miserable because sales are not forth coming?
Are you about to abandon because you have tried everything yet nothing seems to work?
Are you just looking for a way to increase traffic to your website?
Unlock traffic to your site with Viralbird and start getting results almost immediately
Virabird is the magic script you need to solve your traffic problemsincrease traffic to website

How ViralBird works on autopilot


First, you will need something to offer free to anyone that comes to your site (ebook, video, tutorial, etc). (Don't worry! I have something to give you to offer)
Ask your visitors to tweet a message to their followers to gain access to your free gift
Sample message: OMG!!! I just downloaded free copy of ebookName from Get your copy now for free too
Affter tweeting the message, the script will redirect them to your offer page. As visitors tweet to download, they call their followers to your site. This process will never stop.
The script does not need visitors' password. authentication is by oauth

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Don't have something to offer your site visitors?

Don't worry! You can start by offering them the following bonuses

Bonus #1: List Building Empires

Discover the insider secrets to building profitable mailing lists quickly and easily!

You can literally explode your income with a SINGLE list! Find out how!

Bonus #2: Affiliate Mastery

Find out how you can make fast cash with affiliate offers!

This is one of the easiest ways of building a profitable online business without having a product or website of your own!

Bonus #4: Desperate Markets

Find out how you can catapult your income to the next level with "Desperate Markets"!

Desperate Market Cash reveals a powerful strategy to cashing in on some of the hottest, evergreen markets online!

Bonus #5: Social Expert

Uncover the industry trade secrets to becoming a social marketing guru!

Social branding reveals the simple strategies used by successful social marketers, so that you can build instant brand awareness in any market you choose!





I know the result you will get by putting this script on your site. However, if you don't get improvement on your traffic within 30 days, just ask for your money back


Script Installation in 5-10 minutes

Open the file manual.pdf
This file contains step-by-step instructions to help you create your application on Twitter and configure viralbird in less than 10 minutes.
After configuration, upload script to your webspace. At this point, you may want to start the viral process and watch it grow unstoppably.



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